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I 'm not talking about Tolstoy but an obstacle course that has been made to manage to be heard in a society that judges on appearances , which recognizes that people doing things differently are marginalized as social cases fabulateurs .

I think about all these people who every day must really struggle to simply have the right to live ...

and those who , to preserve their careers, their personal comfort, "What people may say" prefer to look away , do not want to listen or even to hear ...

I'm talking about an area that I know ... the disease.

Not those which are known , recognized , for which the diagnosis is quickly established, a treatment protocol is put in place quickly . Not those that bring enough money for pharmaceutical companies to make available resources for research ...

Recently, a Professor told us that orphan disease was recognized as a rare disease when it touched , in France , one in 2000 or so.

The lives of patients suffering from these diseases and their loved ones are a real hassle.

He told us also about Loic’s disease "I 've never seen a case like yours. The research will not invest any money for a single person . ".

A bit later on during the conversation, he added: " For the company your only problem is your disability. Your wheelchair is the evidence, so it is real. . . »

The pain you have inside your head, the headaches you deal with daily, those who kill you slowly like a " trickle " are not visible ... so for all the people you’ve met you have come across as excessive, depressed."

Yes, but that was before!

For three months, the medical community has been scientifically proven that the attack Loic was victim of in January 2012 caused irreversible damage to his head, with the consequences that we know today.

Everything has changed!

A medical report has changed the attitude of the people, "friends", doctors ...

Ah, shucks! He spoke the truth! "And we did not listen, not taken seriously ...."

What a journey, just to be able to live, to be followed medically ...

There is so much to tell about this society who judges without knowing, who lives with its convictions, its hypocrisy, its self-centredness .... And, fortunately, there’s also a lot to tell about those rare people who act without regard for established rules of mind and judgment of others.

Have a good day everyone!

Christine Trébern

War and peace

War and peace

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